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And the three he condemned were too seared to be angry, too frightened to be resentful, too dazed to be amazed.


- Excuse me - she heard Dan say little behind them. Ken turned. - This guy was waiting to talk to you almost as long as I do. Who are you anyway, man? Dan stood up, leaving the block fall into the snow. He went to Vanessa, caught it and moved his arms around her. - Her boyfriend - he said the Mogul by Ken on the shoulder. And then he kissed with the maximum intensity that could, afraid that, if not humble enough, it does not take seriously. He was her boyfriend, for God's sake! And he was angry with her, proud of her and proud of himself for kisses it and end this breach, once and for all. Vanessa kissed with the same intensity. What if fodesse Ken Mogul, the filmmaker. The movie he was doing was much nicer than any film that he had done. Moreover, she did not want to talk about career now, anyway. I was too busy kissing Dan, her boyfriend. As they kiss, the fires began lighting the sky. It was kind of a cliche that could ruin a movie or a poem, but was much better than a movie and much better than a poem. It was the reality. j flouting of a famous rock star At the last note of music, Flow opened his eyes and saw that Serena was gone. The clock beat the midnight and everyone started to hug, kiss and to shoot for the top hats of the role of the party, ignoring it entirely, which was the first time this happened in his life. Some people threw notes of one hundred dollars in case of his guitar just for sacaneá it. He took the floor and played on the guitar before saving and closing the case with a thud. Then, half-back has to get the lift as soon as the doors were closing, the case holding the doors until they open again. A little girl of chest hair with a remarkably large wall was supported in the back of the elevator. - Hi - Flow was shy of his famous smile as entered. The girl said nothing. It seemed that he had been crying. - Vai to the center? - Flow asked. - My car is waiting outside. Can I buy you a drink or something. Jenny took no eyes to the ground. Flow, Nate, were all equal. Just because he was famous and delicious not to say that she should talk to him, is not it? No, certainly not. The elevator's doors were opened. - I - she replied. She became the revolving doors of the building and came to the sidewalk to call a taxi. Year-new era in New York and the entire city was a party only, but Jenny was going home, and follow the advice of his father at least once in life, snuggle in bed with a good book. Once Serena and Aaron were out, the fireworks exploded in the sky around them. I was freezing and had only a few people on deck. All others were in the loft, pouring champagne on the head of the gang and the rebolando ass while the DJ sent the music even louder than before. While watching the psychedelic landscape, Serena took that feeling again - loved the feeling that - when was not sure what would happen, but I knew it would be a good thing. Perhaps the best so far. - Look - she pointed to as the blue sparks massive fireworks started a buzz in the sky and then exploded in minifogos on the East River. Aaron lit a cigarette natural. I was just a T-shirt, but felt cold. - Previously I did not like the fireworks - he said, blowing the smoke in the air. - I thought they were noisy, bad for the environment and a waste of money. - But like now, right? - Serena asked, turning up to look at it. She borrowed a jacket pegara sheep-of someone in a wheelchair, but her feet were still barefoot, and she and Aaron were even the same time. Aaron seats. - I love it. - I - Serena whispered. Whole body shake and she was not sure if it was the cold or because they were about to kiss. Aaron took her hand. - Okay heated? - Yes. His dark-red lips has now in the corners. - Just when we kiss the fires away, okay? - Ta - Serena said, surprised. And there was nothing she liked more than to be surprised. In Times Square, a new crescendo of fireworks had just started. - But I think maybe I can not wait. Now that the hummingbird was found in a flower that I wanted to stick for some time, only what he would do was land. - Why not kiss now? You can kiss someone else later - said a girl behind them. It was Blair, standing a short distance coat wrapped in blue sky Marc Jacobs, but still trembling with cold. - Happy New Year-- Aaron approached her and kissed the face. Aaron embraced the. Abra?o a normal, legal, the brother. - Happy New Year-, Sis. Blair is away to embrace Serena. - Happy-New Year! - Shouted the two, tightening his face in the hair of another. It was madness to think that if they wanted to kill most of the year. Now no one knew what to do without the other. - OK - if Blair departed. - Now you can kiss. Letting them decide whether it went forward and kissed soon or not, she went to the end of the deck and looked at the Hudson River and the port. Watched the fireworks explode over the Statue of Liberty and sumirem in the deep dark water. The penultimate stage of his tour ended with a kiss. Now all that remained was to write the last scene, the end. Would not really end, it has now. Not with some sort of purpose. The best stories never ended. Maybe she just did for the following morning. Audrey had a nice chat with the man's delicatessen where she bought a coffee. After she riria alone, take a sip of coffee and get to the street, letting everybody guess. Gossipgirl.net __________________________________________________________________themes / previous / next / do a question / answer Warning: all the real names of places, people and events were curtailed to protect the innocent. I mean, I do. Hi, guys! Okay, so I finally realized my desire to have a year-new processor. I think almost everyone who was party to that madly wonderful too. I mean, how many of you really believed that appear Flow? Worse for him, the party was even better after he's gone. Your email Q: Hi, GG, I heard that the whole party was paid for with money from the drugs of S. I have not been, but as she would have achieved that DJ? - Underworld A: Dear underworld, S has enough money to not need the money from drugs to a feast of trash. Furthermore, if not there, why are you talking about that? - GG Q: Dear GG, I think I danced with you in Year-new. You blonde of hair and has a corp?o? - Cliffs A: Hi Cliffs, Maybe. Just what I will say. - GG Flagra Dawn of the first day of the year: C sleeping with their arms around K and I on a sofa in the lobby of the Tribeca Star Hotel. Imagine not having gone to the family suite. N giving the pipe drinks with friends in union Square Park. There is no better way to end the night the way we started. V and D in-hand in the Strand. Only those two to turn the year in a bookstore. The S and taking the breakfast at Florent, looking tired but happy. B buying a huge cup of coffee in one of Madison Avenue deli before running to your building. EJ panties in a burning metal trash from West End Avenue while trying to learn to smoke alone. Now that she stress of time, must be school. SOME QUESTIONS insistent Does B will lose the thing? And if you lose, with whom? Does N will redeem, even if we go to worship is not redeem? S will settle down and stick in A for more than a day? D is ready for sex with V, which is now a published poet? J will find true love? Will any of us will overcome the hangover in time to finish the proposals for the universities? And more important, who of us will come, anyway? I am not very worried. In the coming semester I will be at a party after another, and I enjoy planning alone. Until more. For you who love me, gossip girl

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